First 10 Weeks Onboarding To Success

Dream Big

When you start off in real estate, it is much like a plane during takeoff: you would think the pilot was crazy if they didn’t give it fullthrottle. After all, you know to get anything going forward you have to give it a push. Your real estate career is no different. You must give it 100 PERCENT FULL THROTTLE to get it off the ground. Once up and going, ease off a bit and give it enough gas to keep it flying.

The gas is Lead Generation. This is true whether you call on the phone, knock on doors, attend networking meetings, or conduct open houses. Whatever you decide to do for lead generation, you MUST do it daily to make the money you choose to make.

Each week is designed to complete the activities in 40-50 hours. If you do not want to receive a paycheck soon, then take each week and complete the activities in two weeks instead of one.

Each activity that requires you to perform an action.


  • Time block all appointments with family and friends
  • Record all holidays that you are taking off.
  • Time block to recite affirmations every morning.
  • Schedule time of team meetings for the entire year
  • Watch New Agent Onboarding  Orientation, also posted on FB Group
  • Attend Tech Orientation
  • Request & Set up kvCore Account, KW Team Command, Dotloop, DocuSign
  • Set up or complete HAR, Supra, ShowingTime
  • Request & set up email & signature on all devices
  • Set up forward emails to email if any
  • Add Loc Tran friend on Facebook to be added into FB Private Group
  • Like/ Subscribe to Follow FB Page & YouTube Channel: Ask Magis Realty Group
  • Send headshot and standing photos to Team Lead to marketing materials ready
  • Request Thi Pham for Canva Pro. account if applicable
  • Request to access Team Google Drive and Download to Desktop & Mobile App
  • Time block all training times for CALIBRE, BOLD or other training you are to attend.
  • Schedule your next three accountability sessions with coach/ Team Lead/ DOO
  • Complete your profile on and
  • Complete your profile on if applicable
  • Watch Agent Adoption Series on kvCore Dashboard/ Company Cloud
  • Download Mobile Apps: kvCore, Gmail, Command, HAR, Drive, Millions Mapped
  • Sheets, Docs, Canva, RPR, ShowingTime, Supra eKey, Command My Business
  • Enable Google Workspace Chat
  • Schedule appointment with DOO to Review and Complete Above Assignments
  • Import Contacts/ Sphere: Phone book, Email Contacts and Other Contacts into kvCore
  • Open Playbooks on kvCore and Gather Your Sphere and Work Your Sphere
  • Acquire Ignite/ Calibre materials if you do not already have them
  • Review goals setting on Team Website
  • Book Mentoring Section with Loc to set Annual Goals and myGPS
  • Access KWS Training Calender:
  • Save Direct Link to Trainings Calendar Here


  • Say affirmations daily
  • Learn Client Journey Contact to Close kvCore to KW Command
  • Attend Ignite/ Calibre or Lead Generation 36:12:3 or Win The Buyers.
  • Build 100 Sphere of Influence database and added into kvCore. 
  • Schedule Mass Email Career Announcement to all database and Text to TOP100
  • Assign Property Alerts (1 a week) and MarketReport (1 a month) on kvCore.
  • Learn kvCore Agent  Quick Start
  • Preview or Shadow 10 Houses
  • Write 10 Notes to Database
  • Hand 10 Business Card to 10 New Connections.
  • Complete Social Media pages: Facebook, IG, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube
  • Request to join all community Facebook Groups
  • Gain access if applicable Group Page: IG, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube and Facebook
  • Post Career Announcement on Social Media Pages
  • Time Block to practice Scripts
  • Attend KWS Weekly Meeting and Group Weekly Meeting
  • Complete myGPS and turn in to Team Lead.
  • Turn in KPA to Team Lead if available.
  • Take class BRAND YOU
  • Report Weekly KPIs if applicable on Teamwork Drive or  myTracker 


  • Say affirmations.
  • Schedule section with Team Lead to complete Goal Settings and Business Plan
  • Hold 1 Open House Event
  • Call to Qualify 10 kvCore Contacts
  • Add 10 Contacts, Make 10 Connections, Preview 10 Houses and Write 10 Notes
  • Build your kvCore website and posts announcement on social media channels
  • Build kvCore Landing Page, IDX Squeeze Page and Posts on Social Medias.
  • Attend Ignite/ Calibre or Lead Generation 36:12:3 or Win The Buyers.
  • Attend any Risk Management w/ Marilyn Oneil
  • Attend script practice.
  • Complete 4-1-1 business plan and turn in to the Team Lead.
  • Take Matrix and CMA classes if applicable (HAR Education)
  • Meet 3 preferred lenders
  • Record 3 preferred lenders into database and preferred partners list
  • Complete How to Get Paid

To be continue...