1. What will it cost to join Ask Magis Realty?
    Visit Career for details.
  2. What is commission split structure?
    Agent receives 100% commission. Visit Career for more details.
  3. Do Ask Magis Realty have office to meet with customers?
    Yes, our office is located at 17824 Mound Rd, Ste A, Cypress, TX 77433.
  4. Do Ask Magis Realty offer training?
    Yes, we offer agents 24/7 Online Real Estate Training provided by an industry icon for over 30 years coach.
  5. Do Ask Magis Realty offer CRM and Agent Website?
    Yes, we offer agents Ixact Contact’s Real Estate CRM, Agent Website and Automated Email Marketing system. Visit Career for details.
  6. Do Ask Magis Realty offer Transaction Management System?
    Yes, we offer agents BrokerSumo.
  7. How do I join or inquiry about more information?
    Please complete this Form or email
  8. Can I take my listings when I leave?
    Yes, you are permitted to take your listings to new brokerage when you leave.
  9. Is property management allowed?
  10. How can I transfer my license on TREC and HAR?
    Follow steps on Agent Onboarding. If you are transferring from another broker, you need to transfer on TREC, Transfer Form (HAR), and Transfer of Listing Form (HAR). If you’re brand new, you also need to submit MLS Agent Application and MLS Public-Private ID Form (HAR).
  11. Do Ask Magis Realty provide marketing materials?
    Yes, we provide templates for signs, name card and many more.
  12. Do Ask Magis Realty provide transaction checklists and communication history template?
    Yes, all transaction checklists and communication history is available on BrokerSumo.
  13. How do I get email?
    Contact to request your custom email address.
  14. How should I post the IABS and Consumer Protection Notice to meet TREC Compliance?
    Read this article to learn more.
  15. Do I need to post IABS in Email?
    Yes, please be sure you have a link or attachment to your IABS in your email signature (including emails sent from your phone)  ABOVE your name and salutation (per TREC). While the rule actually states it has to be sent on first substantive communication with a potential client, we have no way to tell if you are abiding by this so Ask Magis Realty Agents is requiring that you always have the link or attachment.  The CPN is not required in your email but if you wish to add it you may.
  16. Where can I download company logos?
    You can download here.
  17. How do I receive my commission?
    All transactions are to be uploaded onto BrokerSumo and submitted for review within 5 days of execution, you will be paid at closing unless prohibited. Management staff will review your document and issue CDA to title company. For lease, you will be paid as soon as all documents are submitted and checks are turn in.
  18. Do I receive 1099 at the end of each year?
    Yes, Ask Magis Realty will send you 1099-MISC for full amount of the commission you earned, including the amount you credit back to buyer at closing.
  19. When I rebate a portion of my commission to client, should I provide a 1099-MISC to his/her if the amount is more than $600?
    No. Your client is not providing a service to you, so you are not required to provide a 1099.